Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tea Party 'Tins'

Mide's about to be famous! (I think). I just did these crinoline fascinators for a sophisticated tea party coming up soon. :D. I think I like them. Hehehe. They haven't been named yet.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fascinator Bimbo

Here's a new design! I actually made the silver first, but I prefer the white one.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Real Talk: Wedding Blues

When you are single and in the wedding business, you need thick skin. 'Nuff said. You don't have to be a romantic person, or a lover of love. You only have to have emotions for all the mushiness of weddings to get to you.

I like to think that I have come up with a foolproof plan to combat any over sensitivity that lurks while I am helping people prepare for what is usually one of the happiest days of their lives. You may be able to relate.
  1. Don't get attached: Be professional about your work. Yes, there are times when your customer will be a long-time friend or a family member; still, do not let your emotions get mixed in. Because one day you'll find yourself wondering why she's the one who snagged that hot man that fits the description of your Mr. Right, perfectly. (Not a personal experience, I'm just saying...)
  2. Don't (mis-)appropriate your customer's wedding plans: When you find yourself using phrases like: "I'm not saying yours is a bad idea; just that if it was my wedding, I would ...", you are losing your grip, my friend. When you get married, which I'm sure will happen for you soon enough, you can do anything you like. Meanwhile, allow yourself to pick tips from weddings you are a part of. For example, I know some color-combos that will definitely not make it into my top ten choices. 
  3. Keep up a healthy attitude: Even when it's that time of the month, or your boyfriend/girlfriend has just dumped you, or you find out that your customer's wedding dress is the same as the supposed unique dress you had chosen for a that wedding you've been secretly planning, - your business is your focus. Do your job to the best of your abilities, and earn your pay. However, be sure that you are friendly, and a pleasure to work with. There's no publicity  like the word-of-mouth testimony from a former customer to a potential one. 
I wish you a successful business and a wonderful week ahead. Amen.

May the souls of those who were lost on the Dana Air plane crash, and the crash in Accra, rest in perfect peace. Amen.