Friday, March 30, 2012

Sunday, March 25, 2012

An Everyday Piece

 An Everyday piece: Fascinator Mide

This was the first time I made this piece. Believe it or not, I was just trying to fix a bad hair day. I crocheted three red roses, and stuck them with pins, yes safety pins, on a black hair band. They were such a hit at this event that I decided to make them into something serious. Lol.

I separated the roses and just used one of the, with a small satin rosette and attached it to my braids for some 'pizzazz'.

Two Mide roses and some sequins, on a triple-strand band. There's elastic at the back.

All blinged up!

The customer, the lovely Nguyiman Makurdi, is well pleased.

Triple-band for some 24 bridesmaids.

December: Fascinator Emi.

December: Fascinator Emi.

This piece is interesting because it started out as something else entirely. But the friends of the bride said they didn't like it. So, we switched it up a bit.

I named it Emi after the bride who wanted this piece for her friends, as ASO-EBI. Nice trend yeah?

I discovered these beautiful brooches/buttons at a craft-supply store in Festac. Found a silver one to use for my own piece too; you know, the designer's gotta stand out. See below ;).

One of the friends.
Then I made some for the Kinky Apothecary Natural Hair show. My momma rocked one too (below)!
My lovely Mother. Nothing like having family support your biz. :D

I should not have favorites. All my designs should feel that same amount of love from me.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

December: At the Kinky Apothecary Natural Hair Show

  December: At the Kinky Apothecary Natural Hair Show

Button detail on Fascinator Emi.


The blue piece is Fascinator Emi.

My hot momma, wearing my first avant garde piece.

I'm wearing Fascinator Estrella.

Solid support from my girl Nikki. I'm wearing Estrella, she's wearing Maureen.

The amazing Kate Henshaw!!! I know important people *dusts shoulder off*

Cousinly love.