Monday, February 13, 2017

Re-Purposed Jewelry

If you’re like me, you have a lot broken jewelry – one missing earring, broken clasps, tarnished pieces, etc., and you’ve been keeping them hoping for a miracle. It’s about to happen.  Slip on your craft gloves and enjoy this fun DIY project!

Items Needed:
·         Broken jewelry
·         Pliers
·         Glue
·         Marker/Pen
·         Picture Frame
·         (Cloth to protect the work surface)
·         Paper for background


If you do not have a craft table, spread a piece of cloth or old newspapers on the surface you will use, to avoid glue damage and other stains or scratches

Step 1:
Cut the paper to a size that will fit the picture frame that you have chosen. The paper doesn’t have to be white; I actually used the back of the photo that came with the frame. That way I didn’t have to worry about getting the size right.

Step 2:
Trace out the shape you’d like to use for your ornament. Could be a rose, a human form, map of the world or your country or state, anything really. I did  this heart shape in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. To make my heart shape as accurate as possible, I made folded the paper in half and drew one half of the heart, then used this half to trace the other side.


The lines don’t have to be perfect. I used the marker over the pen because I wanted a bold outline and I was sure that my jewelry pieces would cover up the lines.

Step 3:
Assemble your ornament! It’s best to start with the outline to that all the rough edges are properly covered up before, and the limits are defined when you add the other pieces in.

Use the pliers to break off stubs at the back of earrings so that you have a flat surface to glue onto the paper. Keep gluing till you’ve covered all the white spaces. Use small beads or pearls to close out the stubborn spaces. You may not be able to cover every single spot; just do as much as you can.

Step back and admire your work.

Finish off your ornament by putting it in the photo frame you have chosen. You may not be able to use the glass cover that comes with the frame because of the bulging pieces of jewelry. That’s not a problem; just clean your ornament regularly.

Find somewhere nice to stand your frame or hang it on the wall. It also makes a great gift for someone special. Don’t throw away any more jewelry!


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

New Year Message!

This income-generating hobby has become so expensive! I feel bad when I tell customers what their requests will cost. Nevertheless, we will not skimp on the quality of work that I am committed to providing for customers. We have a wide range of designs that will suit almost any budget or desires. Thank you for your patronage. We promise to continue to serve you well.

I think I need to find another host for my site. Posting on blogger has become so complicated.

Please keep in touch via Instagram - @bymide. I always upload new designs there.

Thank you!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Fascinators that featured at the wedding!

I'm so happy with the way they turned out. Thank you Jesus! 



My Cute little godniece. Don't worry about what that means. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

My Crocheted Wedding Dress!

So, I haven't blogged in ages but it seems everyone wants to hear about my wedding dress! I wasn't planning to make so much noise with it, but I'm glad it was a hit. Thrilled, in fact.

Thank you Jesus!

(The photos in this post are not the best quality, because they were taken with cell phones, in not-so-excellent lighting conditions. Make una manage abeg).

First, I'll talk about the dress that started this all:

I've been crocheting since I was a kid. Mummy taught me. It was one of her sources of income at a time, and she roped me in. I'm grateful for that. When my god-sister (her dad is my godfather, and mine is hers) had her beautiful little girl, I made this Peach-colored number, with the help of some photos I found on Google. I needed a reminder to make the pineapple shape though, and I found that on the internet. 

I posted this on Instagram and the response was really encouraging, for sort-of newbie instagram-er I was. I thought I would go ahead and make myself a crochet dress - lace-looking, knee-length, fancy, for a nice dinner the boo would take me to... That's how it all started. 

While trying to find a pattern for a crochet wedding dress, I came across a post about this lady who crocheted her wedding dress; we can call her my inspiration. Then, I did a sketch to guide myself, and I took my measurements too, to keep me on track. 

The sketch.

I planned to make a mannequin in my body shape but I couldn't wait; excitement! Very quickly, a dinner dress became my wedding dress. Unfortunately, I don't have very good photos of 'the process' because my brothers refused to help me take photos; they said I had to keep it a surprise. I had to do what I could with my phone, (a flashlight sometimes), and a mirror. I would crochet a bit, try it on, take some photos, and continue.


I started making the dress in April, I think, or May (???) of 2015, I don't remember; but I finished it in October. I did my crocheting in the evenings after work, during the weekends, during long trips, etc; although there were a few months in between when I didn't do anything at all. At a point it became too heavy to be lugging around so I could only work at home. 

I tweaked it a few times, added sleeves, removed sleeves, made the back very low and then very high... It was such a journey but I loved every moment of it. I took it to my ride-or-die, designer of life Omowunmi Adebayo of Wunmmie's Couture to sew the dress that went underneath it. She did such an excellent job; I plan to repurpose the underdress sometime soon. 

Based on all the chatter that has happened in the last three days, looks like the dress made it! I'm so happy about it. Shallah to my darling big sister, Ugochi, who got me that jeweled belt I wore it with, and to my friend and sweetheart, Tope, for buying me the crinoline basket I wore under the dress to give it bounce. 

I bought four spools of 100% Cotton Thread from this very pleasant guy on Dosemu Street in Lagos Island. Each spool was N 1,500.00. I doubled the thread, so I used up two of the spools, and less than half of the remaining two. The dress was as heavy as a four or five tubers of yam! I used an old crochet hook that I had since I was in college. I think the size is 3.00mm. 

  1. I didn't create a pattern as I was making the dress. With the excitement, and how eager I was to keep trying it on to see how it fit me, I didn't take the time to document the process. I can make it again, easily, since it's all in my head, but unfortunately, I can't share it with other crochet enthusiasts. (At least not until I make another one). 
  2. The belt kept sliding up and making my not-so-flat tummy pop out. We were supposed to tack the belt to the waist line of the dress but we were in such a hurry that I basically ran out of the hotel room. 
  3. We won't be seeing many professional-posed photos of the dress (or of my husband and I sef) because there just wasn't enough time. The engagement was in the morning. (I think I vexed a few of my friends with all my gragra that morning too (I love you Funso, Idowu, Dammie, Lamide, Mama-T, Chidimma, Dami, Temilola, Kunbi, Nneka, MaryEsther, Kanyin, Tayo, Dolapo, Onyinye and my baby Omobolanle)




Busie-Baby, you're the Thank you. For everything. If you know my sister, give her a hug for me please. Thank you.

I also made about 80 fascinators and crocheted the roses in my jeweled bouquet, but we'll talk about that another day. (Bouquet Idea: Instead of tossing, I split my bouquet in two, put each half in a vase, and handed each vase to my mothers. I've never really liked the idea of calling single ladies out and, the way I see it, ridiculing them because they're not married. (Plus, I really don't like that single-ladies song; sorry beyhive). Also, the bouquet weighed a ton - it would have hurt someone had I thrown it).


(Professional Photos courtesy of Idowu Asumah Studios