Saturday, August 18, 2012

Drum roll please ... Here are the photos from my professional shoot!

SO, finally! I can show you photos from the shoot

Deolu Lamikanra did a fantastic job with these photos. Find him on twitter @deolul. My make up artist was Onimaro Efetie, she's also on twitter - @sexymini. My models:


It's time for the traditional wedding ceremony!

'How you like my eyes?'

Bride being danced out by her aso-ebi friends.

Now, we're heading to a church wedding ceremony. The bridesmaids are waiting for the bride to get ready:

'Baby, I wish you were here to see how hot this fascinator looks on me!'

Touch Ups                      

"Is the limo outside yet? We haven't gotten our flowers o. And can you please check that the guys have the correct boutonnieres on?"

Here comes the bride:

Who said bridesmaids can't be fabulous in black?

Onyinye has a very 'tatafo' look on her face. Lol
 OK, preparations are done. Time to head to the service
'I'm sexy and I know it!'

Chief Bridesmaid, running the show.

I hope we don't get to church late, with the bride being a diva down there.

OK, the service is over. Time for the cocktail/reception party. 

Weeks after the wedding, the bridesmaids have become best friends. Oyinkan got Onyinye and Chinwe tickets to the Lagos Derby. 

Let the betting begin! They have special seats in the viewing box. VVIP tins *wink*.

Did you see what just happened on Track 6?

Genevieve Magazine asked for a photo-op.

'We love your dress Oyinkan? Who made that amazing fascinator?'

Hello Diva!

Saying 'Thank You' to my models.