Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Wedding Season is Here!

Some of my work colleagues and I got together to do a photo shoot.

Major shallah to David, an Electrical Engineer and lover of the arts who produced these beautiful photos (IG: @ernedave), to Ifeyinwa another Electrical Engineer and under-gee make up artist (IG: @ifynwaoyo) who got us dolled up for the photos and modeled a few pieces herself, and to Deji Fawole, also an Electrical Engineer and a Fashion Enthusiast who served as our Creative Director (IG: @theindulgence @deji_fawole).  I had fun working with my apprentice to prepare the pieces.

We're looking forward to your orders!

Ankara and Tulle

Crinoline with Ankara S

Asooke and Coral beads; call it a #TraditionalFascinator
Pearls and Pageantry for the Bold Bride

Ify is wearing a piece made from Argyle-esque crinoline on a straw base.

These Appliques are very popular now. You need one of these; available in any color.
Purple Kente and peacock feathers for the win! Peacock feathers are versatile; these can work with other colors of fabric like Yellow, Red, Green, Blue and even Red

Crinoline Fascinators - Crinoline is beautiful, stretchy material that comes in different sizes (Widths) and is very obedient. Although it can't be dyed, it holds spray very well (like the gold piece on the right). It's a fantastic millinery material.

This feather fascinator is subtle but stunning. It can be fitted with pearls and crystals and done in any color.
Asake wearing a Sinamay piece.

With a base, or without a base; Red or Gold, or Blue or Magenta. The choice is yours!
 All Fascinators: @byMide; ayomide@bymide.com
Distance is not a problem. Place your orders now!

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