Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fascinators made from our Traditional Materials

I am an Ibadan-girl. I love my culture and Nationality very much. You can tell from the names that I give to some of my fascinators. I am taking it a step further. These pieces are made from Ankara and Aso-Oke. I hope you like them.

Fascinator Tish made from Asooke.

Fascinator Rolake

Rolake, a cluster of rolled roses.

I've been rocking my 'natural' hair lately. With the traditional fabric, it's a win-win situation, No?

Fascinator Estrella with a mix of Ankara and Organza.

Same Aso-Oke, different piece - Fascinator Boma, finished off with some fuchsia feathers.

It's a bold piece.

The first ankara piece I made - Ankara (aso-ebi) + taffeta + silk rosettes (and some beaded stems).

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Abdul bari said...

You can learn how to make a fascinator with this easy how to. Free pdf pattern and ... This is a good “basic formula” or jumping off point for a dramatic hair piece.