Monday, August 13, 2012

Here's what I've been up to.

:D! It's been really busy these past few weeks. Phew!

One of my best friend's got married last weekend! Of course I did the fascinators (and the hair and geles, though those are just fun side-'shows'), also worked on her engma

Pretty ladies make a nice bridal party! We are wearing fascinator Binty, named after my friend Mabinty.

Bride is wearing a reception piece by Mide.
Hot tamales!
I don't mean to toot my own horn, but "dang mama"!
The engagement fan was made from her aso-oke and 'adorned' with rosettes that matched her lace.

I love a bride who knows how to 'wear' her accessories, including the engagement fan.

Then, here are some pieces from the orders I worked on in July.

Fascinator Rosa in aso-oke.
This Fascinator now has a name - Yetty.
Fascinator Bibi

Fascinator Kesabelle!

Oh, and all the cool kids are wearing fascinators by Mide. (I'm sorry I wasn't able to get them to hold steady).

Mayowa Adefulu.

Sayo Adefulu.
I have a few more sneaks from the photoshoot. I promise they'll all be ready by the next time I do a post. We wanna make sure we give you the best.

Can I just say - I have beautiful friends!

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