Thursday, November 29, 2012

Live from Customers' Events!

 Mrs. Nike Pearce, rocking engagement Fan and veil, byMide.

 Bisi Sadiq's Engagement Fan and Veil, byMide. Photo Source: Bella Naija


Three Brides Wearing Fascinator Funmi.

Funmi, the inspiration behind the design

I love the way it frames her head in this photo. She chose a blusher veil, so she was able to wear it throughout the ceremony.

These ladies are wearing Fascinator Nike, with a tweaked veil. I like that they were able to add their own vibes.

Anita, wearing a green feather fascinator for her Kente outfit, at her reception 

You have seen these babies before, but they are just too adorable...

I love customers like Blessing; she keep referring me. In this photo, she's wearing Estrella. She planned to give it to her Chief Bridesmaid. Hehehe.
 Here are some things I worked on for a customer who I believe will become a dear friend.
Ejima, in Burnt Orange and Silver

Ivory Wedding Fan, with touches of gold and turquoise.


Nikki said...

Ayomide Fawole...words have failed me oh...this is just too awesome. the Lord is blessing your hustle...meanwhile my fascinator ejima *side-eye*

oluwaseun said...

I love y'concepts Mide, though I am a yet to be a patronizd customer buh trust me am a big fan of y'works as I admire d name concepts n d designs u create.tink am havin second thoughts on usin a fascinator on ma weddin day. Well done Mide, HNY.

Mide said...

Thank you very much Oluwaseun. I hope to hear from you when you 'decide to use a fascinator'. Lol.

Thank you! And Happy New Year!