Thursday, September 5, 2013

It's about to go down!

If you live anywhere near Nigeria, you would know that we're getting into the busiest wedding months of the year. I like this time of the year of course. #Money.

Anyway, I have a few new (and not-so-new) pieces to show.

Also, my next post will be a tutorial, watch this space #Gele.

Layered Crinoline bows

 Silver crinoline fascinator for a 'modern bride'.

Modern bride got herself a matching hand fan too.

What happens when you only want the tulle veil on your fascinator for church?

Simple! Take it off for the reception. Detachable veils, by Mide.
Also, fascinators come in different colors, of course.

Simple, classy Champagne and Red hand fan. And a matchi.

I make this sweet little piece for my cousin's daughter, to wear as a little bride. 

Omosede, in ivory, for a bride.

Loops and Tails.

Odera, in black and fuchsia.

Amaka, Gold and red. 
 * * *
Last Thursday, I attended en engagement  and tied my gele in a hurry. I was in  room where a make up artist was working. So, I 'foolishly' asked her opinion, just to make sure I was presentable. I mean, I've been tying my geles since I was in high school. Yeye girl said to me, "It's OK. I mean, at our training school that would be an F9". Imagine that?!

So, I waited till the wedding on Saturday to redeem myself. I think I did well yeah...

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