Sunday, March 25, 2012

An Everyday Piece

 An Everyday piece: Fascinator Mide

This was the first time I made this piece. Believe it or not, I was just trying to fix a bad hair day. I crocheted three red roses, and stuck them with pins, yes safety pins, on a black hair band. They were such a hit at this event that I decided to make them into something serious. Lol.

I separated the roses and just used one of the, with a small satin rosette and attached it to my braids for some 'pizzazz'.

Two Mide roses and some sequins, on a triple-strand band. There's elastic at the back.

All blinged up!

The customer, the lovely Nguyiman Makurdi, is well pleased.

Triple-band for some 24 bridesmaids.

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