Sunday, March 25, 2012

December: Fascinator Emi.

December: Fascinator Emi.

This piece is interesting because it started out as something else entirely. But the friends of the bride said they didn't like it. So, we switched it up a bit.

I named it Emi after the bride who wanted this piece for her friends, as ASO-EBI. Nice trend yeah?

I discovered these beautiful brooches/buttons at a craft-supply store in Festac. Found a silver one to use for my own piece too; you know, the designer's gotta stand out. See below ;).

One of the friends.
Then I made some for the Kinky Apothecary Natural Hair show. My momma rocked one too (below)!
My lovely Mother. Nothing like having family support your biz. :D

I should not have favorites. All my designs should feel that same amount of love from me.

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