Friday, July 27, 2012

Professional Photos! (Sneak Peek)

I had a professional photo shoot on Saturday!!!

It was pretty great. Fantastic actually. I was just awesome. I had the best group of people to work with to work with.

Photographer: Deolu Lamikanra - 'Luchi Productions
Make Up: Onimaro Efetie
Models: Busayo, Chinwe, Kanyin, Onyinye, Oyinkan (and Leke).
Hair (some) and Accessories: Me!
Location: Lekki

(More photos to come soon!)

Fascinator Boma, in crinoline, served as Leke's bowtie
Busie and Onyinye, Bridesmaids wearing Emi
Recent Bride and my favorite God-sister, Kanyin Oyewole, donned her wedding dress a second time, for this. She's rocking Funmi.
We tweaked the veil of Funmi for a different look.
Busie-baby, my sister, she just owned the camera. Here she's wearing Emi
Oyinkan is wearing fascinator Oyeyemi in this photo. She looks so stunning, even in this poor quality photo.
Onyinye brought her alter-ego 'Nikki' to this shoot, and Nikki killed it! Thanks darling. She's wearing fascinator Onyinye.
Engagement Fan Excitement!!!

I think I have the prettiest/hottest friends. :D!

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we want more! hehehe