Sunday, October 5, 2014

Simple Way to tie your Gele (Nigerian Head-tie) with 'Layers'.

(I'll do a video to back this up sometime in the near future. Please let me know if this works for you).

IMAG0103 IMAG0110 IMAG0112
  1. Fold a section of your gele inwards. (I usually do about one-third).
 IMAG0090     IMAG0089
Make sure your gele isnt inside out; with respect to the sewn edge or the pattern details, depending on the type of gele it is.
2. Now this is my trick. Fold three layers onto the gele, around the middle, BEFORE putting it on your head. If your gele is short and you have to start tying from behind, do the folds on one edge so that you start tying from that edge.
 IMAG0094  IMAG0105
3. Tie your gele as usual. The folded part should be in the center of your head.
  • As you bring each 'hand' of the gele forward, be sure to arrange it in such a way that it falls in line behind the three folds you started with.
  • Try as much as possible to maintain an equal distance between the folds
  • You'll easily end up with five layers when you're done.
IMAG0095 IMAG0106 IMAG0098IMAG0096 IMAG0097  IMAG0107
4. Tie up firmly at the nape of the neck.
5. Arrange the front of the gele neatly; add in more folds if you like. Take a picture!
        IMAG0109  IMAG0102


Unknown said...

You are the best Mide!!! Ahn Ahn! Thank You Mucho

Unknown said...

Amazing....will try my hand on some and send you the pictures

Unknown said...

Will definitely try dis out