Saturday, July 25, 2015

Updating the Online Catalog

 Some of our latest jobs at the workshop.

Fascinator Nikki remains a crowd-pleaser. One of the most-requested designs yet.

This lovely variation on the popular Fascinator Nikki was worn to a High School graduation ceremony.


This fascinator can pretend to be a hat and help you not to get scolded by the Fashion Police at church.

 Here's a piece that does double duty. Wear it with or without the base. The detailed piece can be detached!

 One of my high school mothers has remained a loyal customer. She tells me, "These are my colors. Work your magic. Her being in the US is not a barrier!"

Perfect for those Nude pumps you just bought.

 As Seen On

We made the Fascinators AND Bouquets for Ugochi's bridesmaids.

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